Cambodia to Reopening for Vaccinated Tourism


Despite the pandemic and its devastating impact on the travel industry. We are now preparing to reopen our services towards the end of 2021 and remain optimistic for the future as travel restrictions and quarantine are eased and lifted. This morning, the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia issued two notices for Reopening for Vaccinated Tourism as […]

Celebrating our 2019 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor

Cambodia Tour Driver Banner

We are celebrating! Cambodia Tour Driver has been chosen to receive a 2019 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, based on the consistently great feedback earned on the world’s largest travel site. We are very grateful to be recognized with a 2019 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for the second time in a row. Thank you so much […]

Personal Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Weather and Transport: Tuk Tuk is good for short distance, make sure that you can be patient with Cambodian weather. For most of the year it is hot when exploring the temples. It is average around 32 to 35 degree plus humanity depend on the reason. Please bring sunscreen, hats to protect yourself from the […]

Do’s & Don’ts in Cambodia

Do’s & Don’ts in Cambodia

When travelling Cambodia is it important to know and to follow the basic codes of behavior and cultural conventions. It is recommended to be sensitive about local traditions and pay respect to the local beliefs and culture. Please keep this list of basic Do’s & Don‘ts in mind, during your stay in Cambodia. DO’s Always […]